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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Who is Twizzle?

as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

so... who is Twizzle eh (he he for my Canadian sisters-spelling error corrected as per OmAbdullah he he he)? I was tagged by Texan in UAE (alll she tags everyone LOL)

I was born in Boulder, Colorado (CO) (AKA hippie town) and was raised in Denver, CO most of my life except for the two and a half years I lived in Japan :)

I have two younger sisters who are twins... and although we look alike, they have hazel/green eyes and back in the day they were embarrassed to be half-Japanese so they used to tell their friends I was adopted!! My sisters are both some of the funniest people you will ever meet, MashaAllah. 

I was the nerd in high school who never partied, drank, or did drugs, but I wasn't all goodie goodie. A couple of other friends and I ditched school quite a bit. We got away with it by pretending to be our parents and calling ourselves in. So I pretended to be my mother and would call in using a super duper exaggerated Japanese accent:

"Haro, jisu izu Twizzle's maza, she widu nottu be inu skuru today. She bery no feeru good"

tanslation: "Hello, this is Twizzle's mother, she will not be in school today. she very no feel good (she doesn't feel good LOL)"

and since we were nerds,we would go eat, go shopping, go downtown and just hang out etc... I was also such a nerd that my best friend and I would pull all-nighters at Denny's or Village Inn (24-hr restaurants) studying--though we'd do quite a lot of goofing-off and talking (hence the not so perfect grades) :P

I was a dancer and my sister, best friend and I did a dance in a talent show in high school to Alphaville's "A Victory of Love"-- we got laughed at as we walked onto the stage because we were wearing sort-of ballerina type outfits, yet when the dance was over we got a standing ovation. yeah!!  I have also performed in a couple dances with a group my best friend formed on a local television station in Colorado  :P

I am the girl who so can't sing... I can't stay in tune..... except with Opera. For some strange reason I can sing Opera.  

I am the girl who used to go downtown with my best friend and we would sing opera the whole time we were walking around... anything we wanted to say we had to sing it in opera.

Other times I would be out with other friends and either I would randomly start singing opera alone, or with another friend :D the best times were when someone, usually some random guy, would sing back!! In Denver, people would look, come talk to us, sing back etc... we tried this in Seattle, WA once and every single person ignored us LOOOL

My friends and I were so goofy we would do stupid stuff out in public to make us or other people laugh and there were times when people would tell us we need to sober up when we didn't even drink!

this is where most of it happened (The 16th Street Mall in Downtown, Denver):

I love to draw, write poetry, write songs, and hang out with my husband, family, and friends--oh, and my pets too :P    I also love off-roading, barbecuing, and cooking. 

Islam has been the best thing in my life MashaAllah Alhamdulillah! I said Shahada on August 31st, 2002, so this August, it will be 8 years!! wow, how time flies!  

I looooooooooove rain and cloudy skies...  so...yeah.. UAE isn't my kind of climate, but I have a good life Alhamdulillah and UAE is my home :)

so there you have it... a little bit about me  :)


  1. Salaam Sis T - That's soo cool you are from Denver ( I figured that out before this post of course)I've only been to the airport though :( and those darned Nuggets are too good. I am from Portland, Oregon, btw. So I am used to rain and clouds, that's for sure. Makes for a beautiful landscape though! Do you miss the States at all? Sorry if you've already answered that in another post.
    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL@calling-in to school as mom's voice. Classic!
    It's fascinating to me how there are many sisters who grew up in the West and are now in the Middle East/UAE region after accepting Islam. I mean I get it, a bro from that area stole your heart (hehe) and the rest is history. I mean you, Sr. Aalia and others are just awesome ma'sha'allah in representing us so well, even better than many of us who were "born" Muslim, so it's really inspirational to be honest. Also, I think its the Muslim women these days that are Islam's strength, as they have to primarily deal with the daily issues of being Muslim out in public (Sr. Marwa al-Sherbini, may she rest in peace, in one sad case) whereas men (of course there have been countless men taken to G-Bay and the like) can get away with certain looks without being obviously Muslim at first glance.
    On a lighter note, I love those promenade, walking-only streets. There is a great one like that in Santa Monica (CA) as well.
    Alright, cool post Sis. Peace out / Ma'salaam!

  2. MuslimFirst, Portland is BEAUTIFUL MashaAllah! Though I never visited there... only passed through it by train on my way to Seattle. My friends and I were ooh-in and aaah-ing at all of the lush beauty and some beautiful old homes we saw as we passed through Portland :)

    and about rain and clouds.. it doesn't happen all that often in Colorado, either... its a short rainy season and I always cherished it whenever it rained MashaAllah :) but Colorado is a beautiful state as well MashaAllah

    I have been out of the loop with basketball for years now.... I still follow football (American) though... the Broncos had a really exciting start and then... it just went bust... inshallah next year!! :D

    that is a sweet thing to say that Muslim women are Islam's strength MashaAllah. certain situations can get ugly because we are immediately recognized as Muslims... and can get tragic as what happened to sister Marwa Al-Sherbini. But for the most part, the harshest treatment I would say goes to the brothers... May Allah keep us all strong. Ameen.

    It is amazing how many Western women are here :) and its great because if we ever need any kind of support there is someone we can reach out to, Alhamdulillah. It can be a bit challenging for some sisters to adjust to life over here... I think those of us with many English speaking in-laws have it easier than ones who don't. But it also has made ALL of us lazy about learning Arabic, AstagferAllah.

    Yes, the walking-only streets are very lovely and the one in Denver does have free shuttles that go up and down but that is it... no other vehicles except the occasional police cruiser :)

  3. Oh, I forgot to add.. yes, I miss the US very much. I can't wait to go visit my family this summer inshallah :)

    I used to always talk about how I miss back home... but during one of our vacations, I felt and realized home was no longer in Colorado. Home is now right here where I am. :)

  4. Yes, I guess you are right - brothers have gotten harsh treatment, both in the US and UK and being sent off to be interrogated and tortured. I'm just one of those protective-types, so a bit more sensitive I guess.

    That's cool you have a community of ladies from a similar background to look to for support.

    I'm actually the middle of my longest time away from home. I left at the end of August and since things were busy here and I wanted to concentrate on studying, I only went to London during the winter break and for a week in Feb as well, as I have family there as well. I will probably head back at the end of June, so it'll be about 11 months away in total.

  5. Hey Twizzle,

    That was so cute Masha'allah, I enjoyed reading your post and found it very interesting to learn more things about you. I have a clearer image of you in mind now;;)

    You are just as sweet as ever sis.

  6. Assalam alaikum!

    I also enjoyed this post! It's funny how you were singing opera to people! Mashallah you write poetry and like drawing! Thank you for sharing these things!

  7. hahaha @ aye! I say Eh! not aye !! :))

    Omg i remember when you told me about you calling pretending to be your mom! thats soo hilarious!
    And now I'll be expecting some opera when i see you next hahahah

    love u and ur blog!!

  8. Asalamu Alaikum,
    Its nice to learn more about you, I love rain and cloudy skies toooo & Denver seems pretty cool especially the people singing back part lol.

  9. haha you sound like me...I was a crazy kid too. Still am :)

  10. Miss Dreamer, he he he I'm not always so sweet :P but thank you :)

    Alice, yes, my husband looked at me like was a wierdo when I told him about it the first time LOL

    OmAbullah--you know, I first had it written as "eh" then thought I had spelled it all wrong so changed it.. ok, I'm going to go correct it :P I'm practicing my breathing techniques so I can sing good for y'all next time I see y'all inshallah!!

    Amira, thank you... yes, Denver is cool with people who sing back to wierdos LOL

    heart/and/soul--though I am older, I am still as crazy as ever! I always threaten my husband I'll start singing opera in public if we are having our lil' arguments LOL

  11. uae climate is enough to kill me in half a second. no joke.

    neat blog!


  12. Hmmmm strange. I did comment on your little blog. :| what in the world. Well, you told us this story in person... Ekkkk I was freaking out.. Yes, I did comment on this post. Where is my comment? x( Alll angry... Y'all need to come spend the night! We can stay in the mens majils. LOOOOL :-O

    You can tell the scary stories!!!!! I'll be in the middle!!!!! Om A can be on the side! so something can grab her! ;;)

  13. MiMi & JuJu, thank you for visiting my blog!! yes, the climate here is HELL to me!! but it has been beautiful the last 4 months or so Alhamdulillah. But the hell-ish weather is approaching and it is approaching FAST!!

    Texan in UAE--LOL you are looking at the comments in the wrong post :D I all published your comment and then went to my paranormal post and saw you original reply... then realized you had commented here instead. silly girl!!! :D

  14. i keep smiling while reading your entry :)
    very nice..
    nice knowing u.
    i adore u n texan in UAE..
    both of u are so sweet.
    i amazed with your spirit and strength.

  15. thank you ann ((hugs))

    you are so sweet too MashaAllah!

    thank you so much :)

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  17. Salaam sis. Found your blog through Texan's and was reading through some old posts.

    Just had to let you know that my best friend and I used to sing in an operatic style anything we wanted to say. "Oh let us go to wal-mart!" anything much to the delight (and sometimes horror) of those around us.

    The difference? We were in our 30s. ;))

    Ma salaama!