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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the newest member of the crew plus more FOOD!!! :D

as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

so I was thinking about what I could post next while massaging my husband's back and neck--poor guy has had a kink in his neck from sleeping the wrong way--anyhow, so I was thinking about the blog because, you know... I'm addicted to blogging and every chance I get I think about what I can blog about LOL

... and I realized.... wow I've been lazy lately... I have a few cartoon rough drafts drawn out but I haven't felt like uploading them to edit and color... inshallah I'll start doing them this week.

I then remembered I took photos of dinner I made tonight so here we will go with a foodie post!!

But first, I'd like y'all to meet the newest member of our crew: a Sun Conure that my SIL's uncle found roaming around where they keep their chickens :)  he/she is now at our home and we looked info up on the lil' guy and turns out their feathers are olive green when they are babies--then at 6 months of age they start turning more yellow and orange hued... so this lil' guy is young.. looks like some yellowing is going on so probably right around 6 months. Its good he is young... inshallah he will get used to us real quick :) I think tomorrow we will let my MIL give him a name inshallah :)

and now onto the food part!! Here are pictures of some foods I've made recently and some are pictures of stuff I've made a while ago... yummy yummmy!!

first... here are some Texas Tortillas I made from this recipe -thank you Homesick Texan!! they were definitely YUMMY Mashallah!!

And with these tortillas, I made this recipe of Tacos Al Carbon--the photo doesn't show any of the steak pieces LOL and before I realized I should take another picture it was allll gone. Mashallah!  Once again, thank you to Homesick Texan for this!!  I will definitely be trying out more of your recipes inshallah :)                            

This is a pic of Chile Rellenos I made from this recipe

And this is a Korean beef dish named Bulgogi, with this recipe--you have to scroll down just bit on the page to see it- I forgot I posted it on my old, now abandoned blog  :)

These are some Veggie Enchiladas with brown rice... I just threw it all together randomly so I don't have a recipe written out for it yet...

This is a Smoked Salmon, Avocado and Quinoa salad...another thing I just throw together so don't have a recipe written out...

Here is a Kofta Bademjan recipe I got from a sister on the Muslim Sister's Unite forum... again, I will post the recipe if anyone asks inshallah :) its thinly sliced eggplant wrapped around kofta, and baked in a tomato sauce--yummm Mashallah oh, and my homemade Hummous which is this recipe

Here is whole wheat Penne with my homemade Bolognaise sauce.. again, another recipe I just make by throwing things together...

Here are Blueberry Muffins from Texan in UAE's recipe

This is a miniature version of Monkey Bread from this recipe

and last but not least, Flan, or Creme Caramel...another recipe I just throw together so don't have anything written down... :)

I ok, here is the creme caramel/flan recipe:
for the caramel:

1 Cup sugar
1/2 C water

for the flan

3 Cups heavy whipping cream
2 Cups milk
5 eggs
3/4 C sugar
pinch of salt
1 tsp vanilla extract

when baking

you need some boiling water (to pour into baking pan for a waterbath)


heat oven to 325F, about 163C

grease or lightly butter your baking dish/es (I use spray oil)

first prepare caramel:

on high heat, add sugar and water to a medium saucepan (it may seem to big of a pan but the sugar water bubbles up kind of far as it is cooking and it won't be a pretty mess to clean if it gets onto the stovetop!!).

let it start to boil and you can stir it for probably a minute or so... stop stirring and let it continue to boil until it is a nice med-dark to dark golden brown color.

**with the caramel, the color starts changing rather quickly and if you are not watching it careful it will easily turn dark dark dark and burn. so when you see it start turning color make sure you are standing there watching it.

**do not stir anymore from the time I wrote to stop stirring. If you do keep stirring it will not turn into caramel...

immediately poor into baking dish or evenly into ramekins. it will cool and harden as you are making the flan mixture..

now for the flan:

add all the cream and milk and then the sugar and pinch of salt and mix well.

add eggs, one at a time and mix well until all eggs are all broken and incorporated in (you will still see flecks of yolk but just as long as it is broken up its ok).

add vanilla and mix that in well. strain for a smooth texture.

pour into baking dish or evenly into ramekins. Place in bigger deep pan (a roasting pan works well for this) and pour boiling water in until it reaches just about halfway up the baking dish/ramekins.

bake for 1 hour (when the top starts to brown slightly, loosely cover it with foil), raise temp to 350F (176C) and bake another 30 minutes. (it will still be a little "liquidy" but it will set when refrigerated. let cool on counter for 15 minutes then refrigerate for 6 hours to overnight.

run a knife all around the egdes to loosen the flan and then place a dish that is bigger than the rim of the baking dish/ramekin on top and flip over and the flan should slike out and you will have a nice caramel top and caramel sauce that will run over the sides of you flan.

have more photos but this post has gotten long so it'll have to be another future post inshallah :)


  1. assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh ilove the pics got me droolingg can i have the recipe for the korean beef nd the flan please heheh and how to do the caramel insha'Allah hhaha keep posting foods lol

  2. Salam sis!
    this post looks so yummy!! lol mabrook for the cute lil addition to the family! n Insha'Allah your hubby feels better soon! <3 <3

  3. Asalam Alaykum,

    Woo, I'm hungry now for some Mexican food. Did you know those birds are super expensive in the US? My grandma use to own a few. BTW, where do you buy those Muffin cups? I love them! I found this Japanese store that sells all kids of baking goodies but I'm not sure they have these.

  4. Awwww a new little cute addition!!!! masha'a'Allah!!!!!! You know, Umm Hend has one, ninny. Remember? He's beautiful! masha'a'Allah.

    All your food has me drooling.. 8-} omg, masha'a'Allah. I just ate a bowl of Om Abdullah's healthy chilli... LOL I can totally testify! that korean beef is awesome!!!!! I wanted more!!!! masha'a'Allah! Twiz! everything you have cooked is awesome!

    I want to bake now! even if I really don't like to. I'lll send the stuff off to my in laws and friends. I love doing that. CAll me! so I can tell you about the gathering. More food of course! I'm gonna be very good! until then. hahhahah :X

  5. OMg! i totally forgot to comment on your tortillas!!!! they look better than mine!!!! And I'm a latina!!!! hahahahha did you use whole wheat flour?

  6. Congrats on the newest member! He/she is so cute :)

    Also, you did a great job with the food presentation, mashaAllah. All of them look delightfully yummy!

  7. Assalamualaikum..
    beatiful parrot..
    he must be happy living with you..
    pets lover :)

    thank you so much for sharing this kind of delicious foods..
    it's new for me...
    but i do love to try it..

    you are very good in cooking..
    so lucky your husband, having you as his wife..

  8. thank you all!! :X

    Toush, I forgot I had posted the Bulgogi recipe before--I posted the link right above the photo :)

    as for the Flan.. hmmm... ok, I posted the recipe below the pic... :)

    Princess, thank you :)

    Sugar & Spice, I didn't know for sure, but going by their colors, I would have guessed they aren't cheap! for all of the baking stuff, I got it all at a store named Daiso--it is a Japanese store :)

    --you can see more of their stuff I used in my post titled "A Casual Post"

    Texan in UAE--ohhh thats ninny? I read they are loud birds and I remember how loud ninny was when we chatted on YIM way back when :)

    ha ha ha the photos of the tortillas were taken from the side for a reason--most of them were not round!!

    --my whole wheat flour was expired so I couldn't make whole wheat ones...

    naida thank you ;;)

    ann, he is a really beautiful bird Mashallah-- and inshallah he likes our home :)

    I love to try new foods :) awww thank you..

  9. awww he is cuuuute :D hehe mashaAllah!

    oh man your food looks great!! You need a drooling emoticon :))
    YUuuuuuumie ! mashaAllah Aramex me some would you??? ;;)

  10. thanks for posting the recipe

  11. What are the white things in the smoked salmon salad?

  12. Asalaamu `alaikum Twizzle :)

    Awww cute bird I am glad he is safe in your house, alhamdulillah!! And all that food -- did u really make it by yourself?? I am happy that u did and as soon as my little problem (u know) goes away, I will be back in the kitchen inshaa'Allah. U give me inspiration :X

  13. YUM those foods look so good! thanks so much for sharing the flan recipe!! my dh recently told me he likes it so I wanted to try to make it inshaAllah, yay.

  14. awww man, my reply never went through!!

    stimulus, the white things are called Quinoa--its a grain originally cultivated in South America:

    they sell it in Spinney's here in Dubai, so maybe its available in the Spinney's in Oman as well? it would be where the bulgar wheat, barley, etc... would be or in the organic/health food section.

    aalia, he is a cutie Mashallah!--yes I made the food myself :) that chile relleno I don't think I would make again without help and especially not only for 2 was a lot of work for just 2 servings LOL--your problem is gone tomorrow??? right?? inshallah!

    Zaiynab, no problem sis :) I hope the flan recipe comes out for you... inshallah! oh, and i forgot... make sure to watch the top of the flan--before it turns dark you will want to cover it with foil. :)