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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

UGH! The Inconsiderate-ness!! Then onto something more pleasant LOL

as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

So this woman who only comes like twice a year to ask for MONEY came over to our house tonight. I was out in the courtyard so I was the first one to greet her. Whats the first thing she does? She friggin put her hand on my stomach and asked (in Arabic) "So, your not pregnant yet?"

I politely told her "no" and I would have been fine with just that... but then she goes on and on "Leish? Leish?" said some stuff in Arabic I couldn't understand and asked "Leish?" repeatedly until she got to the entrance to our Saalah.

Really, WTH does she want me to say? Does she expect me to tell her how many times a week my husband and I have sex or something?

As if it doesn't hurt enough already that I haven't yet been blessed with getting pregnant, I have to have some woman I barely know asking me why I'm not pregnant over and over again?

And then all she came over for was to tell my SIL she wants some money-- and actually tells my SIL she wants such and such sum from her, such and such sum from my MIL, and such and such sum from my BIL!!! My SIL called the driver to tell him not to bring her mother (my MIL) home because my SIL was so angry about it.

Some of you know about this, but this is the same lady that was over our house last Eid, and when my MIL gave money for she and her daugher, she counted the money and said, "Thats all?"

My MIL got angry and kicked her out that day LOL.

I told my husband about it when we got home and he was not happy. He said he is going to tell his mother to not let her know where we move once we build our new home.

Ugggghhhh sorry for all the ranting... I just had to let it out.

On to something different--

earlier last night it started getting really windy and leaves were blowing EVERYWHERE... it actually looked like it was snowing LOL --our courtyard was a mess of leaves!!

about 2am last night (well, ok, really early in the morning LOL) it started pouring rain, there was thunder and lightening and it was soooo windy!! I was out making sure the cat was ok and he was all running around like a monkey where there was shelter alllllll wanting to play LOL

All of a sudden I heard a loud bang and was like "ohhhh what was that??"

and here is what it was:

that chair actually got blown away from the table!!!

Since everyone was asleep I took off my shayla and let myself get all wet. I love rain so much Mashallah!!

its just the traffic from hell due to Sharjah flooding that I hate!!

he he got me all singing a song from Garbage:

"I'm only happy when it rains
I'm only happy when its complicated
and though I know you can't appreciate it
I'm only happy when it rains"


  1. Assalam alaikum

    Sorry to hear about that not very tactful lady.

    We have some people with similar attitude regarding asking money from people. One of the old ladies, whom my husbands relatives help, last year she asked for some very expensive high tech cell phone. Maybe it's the fact they start taking it for granted that other people "have to" help them financially and then they just become lazy and bold, greedy and want more financial help...

    Nice you enjoyed the rain!

    When I was a teen- was crazy about Garbage at some stage :) Used to love that song among others.

  2. As if it doesn't hurt enough already that I haven't yet been blessed with getting pregnant,

    Blessed? I live in a house with 4 little monsters. It isnt a blessing. and contrary to popular cultural belief, having kids isnt the most important role for you or anyone else.

    That being said, inshallah, if thats what you 2 want, I am sure that God will "bless" you soon enough.

    (But dont say I didnt warn you!)

    I can fedex the youngest to you for a year as a tryout! (actually, take the 2 youngest ones, those are the two that cry all day for no reason!!!)

  3. omg! that woman has no right to be so rude! Sometimes people are so bold and it makes me angry. I mean you can ask politely if you NEED to, but i mean isn't once enough? subhanaAllah

    MashaAllah @ you all helping her with charity, but she is totally way out of line. IMO i would not give to someone again if they started expecting more and not being happy with whats given.

    One time i had a lady ask me for money... i was getting into my car. She was begging me in 1/2 english and 1/2 arabic .. saying she needed money to see a doctor. I gave 50 aed... which IMO its a nice amount to just pass a random lady on the street! She said more more.. its 200 to see the doctor. You can imagine the look on my face! I wanted to take my 50 back and slap her.

    subhanaAllah some people are sooo ungrateful!

    compare yours and my example above to one situation my husband had. This guy came to him outside the grocery store asking if he could help he needed money, etc. So my husband said he looked like he realllllly needed help, genuine you know ? so he let him pack the groceries and gave him like 20 aed. Then the guy was exremely thankful... he couldn't say enough nice things to my dh ... mashaAllah .. alhamdulillah my dh ended up giving him a bunch of money right there after that. Why? because it was clear he was genuine and was so thankful for the 20 ... wasn't going to ask for more ya know? subhanaAllah

    the difference!

  4. Your in-laws should ban the women from coming over all together if all she does is get everyone angry! (I know its not as easy actually doing it, due to our over politeness to people.. lol) I remember when I first got married for about 2 years I had everyone hassling me about not getting pregnant... (the thing is we were trying NOT to get pregnant) but of course I had all the comments from all over telling me to go check myself and see if there was anything wrong with me (never telling my husband to check himself..).. anyway... enshallah in due course tou will have your little baby growing inside you enshallah... and till then relish the moments where you can sleep at anytime of the day you want without worrying about being woken up .. lol

    ANd yes.. I LOVE RAIN! A few months ago I was with my daughter and sister, and it was pouring rain, we went out in the rain and just sang (YES SANG.. lol) it was lovely.. getting soaking wet.. :)

  5. i hear about all that rain in dubai! we had some CRAZY thunder and lightening a few days ago in Kabul too. I love it...glad you got have ur little moment in the rain, sounds beautiful, especially after dealing with that woman, don't let her get you down though!

  6. Ridiculous. We talked about this today. But, honestly this woman is very very rude. subhana'Allah!!!! I would tell her a thing or two. *fit*

    not raining today. Y'all got a lot more rain than me. subhana'Allah! I'm sure that chair scared you. LOL

  7. Frickin' inconsiderate (and mor than often LYING) beggars -- they ruin it for the people are really in need.


    ROFL @ the chair that got blown over by the wind!!!!

  8. as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah,

    yes sis Alice, its the boldness and greed that angers me.

    sis Zaiynab thanks for the cyber hug and welcome to my blog ( this is ur first post right?) :)

    ultra[blue]--well, we have been married/trying for 5 years now and are ready for children...

    I was a nanny for 3 years for a family in the US when I was younger. I quit because I was getting too overwhelmed by being around babies so much and realized I didn't want to become a mother for a loooong looooong time. And now its been that loooong looooong time and I am ready inshallah :)

    lol @ fedex-ing me one of your siblings. Inshallah you are a good big brother to them even if they annoy you--come on, you have to think they are cute most of the time!!

    OmAbdullah, ohhhh I've had a woman approach me in the mall one day asking for money for surgery--I tried to play off I couldn't speak any Arabic but then she was able to say "money please" in English. She gave me a dirty look when she counted what I gave her (I can't remember how much.. I know I told Texan in UAE one day... maybe she remembers.) It probably wasn't as much as you gave that lady but just the dirty look she gave me. I wanted to take the money back too!

    Mashallah there are people who really are appreciative of any money they receive.

    Om Lujain, yeah... my husband said for now its difficult to ban her because they have known her for like 30 years. And his father (whom I have never met--he passed away a long time ago)was the one who used to give her money back then. And now she just expects it from the family.

    Though I wonder why she didn't tell my SIL she wanted money from my husband or his brother that lives here too. Maybe its because they studied abroad and she didn't see them as often as the rest of them? mmmm... but inshallah she will not know where our new home is once we move!!

    The family actually has not been harassing me about getting pregnant, Alhamdulillah. Every now and then my MIL mentions something but its not all the time. This lady just really ticked me off!

    he he he I would sing in the rain with y'all!!

    dust n roses, thank you for stopping by!! I am not feeling as angry as when I wrote the post, Alhamdulillah :)

    Texan in UAE, yes, the loud noise from the chair freaked me out LOL

    Aalia, I mean, the lady is poor, but just the nerve of her when it comes to how she asks for money or reacts to how much she receives!!

  9. oh, and sis Alice, I was crazy for Garbage too!! :)

  10. hello...
    I'm praying for your happiness and blissfulness..
    May all of your wishes comes true..

  11. ann, thanks so much, I appreciate it a whole lot :)

  12. OMG how rude!!!! I don't blame you or anyone in your family to be ticked off by this lady's antics =/ We had a very similar lady like one your family has coming to our home back in Uzb.

    May Allah bless you with kids and lots of happiness!

    LOL@ keeping your new address a secret :D

  13. as-salaam aleikum Sonia,

    JazakAllah khair :) :) :)