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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dubai Trend Rule #2

"hey guys, lets dress like we are in a boy-band today"

So I guess what is in style right now is for the young guys --correction from ultra[blue] as I originally said local guys...many guys from around the gulf including some locals-- is to match their t-shirts with their shoes... except its so not cool when a whole group of friends is all dressed like that.

Yes, I have seen it with my own eyes. And once it was a group of 5 guys--oh add to that the way they were walking like they were all "it"-- I was with my husband's niece and asked her if they were local guys and she confirmed that they were.

I have to steal something that Texan in UAE does for her blog posts:

final whisper: umm... New Kids On The Block called-- they want their group photo outfits back.


  1. Ahahahaha!

    I do have to point out that more often than not, the guys you are talking about are kuwaiti and Qataris. Also, in a group of 5, they usually consist of 3 Kuwaitis at least.

    It's a rule of thumb. Listen for the accent.

    BUt this is true. I 1st saw this "trend" with Indian guys in malls and it slowly moved on to other nationalities. Odd thing is you hardly see westerners making a fool of themselves like this, and if you do they are in their teens. These guys are in their mid 20s sadly.

  2. HA HA HA Thanks for getting my day off to a big fat laugh.. The first time I saw this, was when we first got here. I was walking and looking down and I saw some bright yellow shoes!!! I looked up thinking, it might be elton john himself. hahahha it was a local (hubby told me) with bright yellow shoes and a bright yellow shirt (like the one in the pic) walking like his crap didn't stink!!! OooO the joys of living in a different country! where the guys wanna be like the west. But, i have news for them, the guys in the west! don't dress like this.. unless... well, you know.. :)) I'll leave that to your imagination. hahahhahah great post!!!! callllllll me !

  3. OMG are you serious? that is hilarious! hehe I love your final whisper haha

  4. Assalam alaikum!

    Another cute pic mashallah! I love your drawings!

    Matching shoes and t-shirts- boys must have picked it up from their fashionable sisters :)

  5. I thought this one guy wearing a hot pink t-shirt with matching LACE LESS hot pink SLIP ON shoes was gay... Until he threw me his number.


  6. I'm not surprised that Kuwaitis and Qataris would dress like this... sadly though, UAE seems to be heading straight for the Kuwaiti styles where both the guys and girls stop wearing traditional clothing for Western clothing. Of course there are still those who still dress in jalabiyas, abayas, kandoras etc... but its just the Western style has become an accepted and regular part of their lives.

    oh I agree with you Texan, totally know what you mean!!

    ohhh OmAbdullah, you haven't seen it yet??? LOL

    LOL sis Alice, yup they probably did!

  7. Aalia, what in the world? You could write a book your experiences with Emirati guys!

    Emirati guys just can't get enough of you, can they? LOL

  8. maybe they can mix it up. sometimes traditional sometimes western ( if it still fits into the islamic standards). but i agree this matching is way too metrosexual for a man's taste. not likey at all

  9. LOL oh, I see this all too often... and they think they're all that and a bag of chips. It's not too pretty!