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Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Casual Post... :)

as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

I just thought I'd do a really casual post today and post up some pictures of some things I've baked recently :)

for some strange reason, I love to bake sweets and breads when I am strictly eating really healthy. And I don't eat most of the things I bake during those times. If I am eating unhealthy for a while I have no desire to bake at all LOL

mini banana nut muffins

mini strawberry-pecan muffins (the mini muffin cups are clear and I now realize I should only use these for darker colored muffins to get the full effect :)

mini cheesecakes

some mini cheesecakes I sent to a friend one day

rainbow cake (doing it this way gives a really cool effect but it is a pain in the butt and my hand was hurting by the time I finished adding all the colored batters in turns)

homemade madeleines I packed to give to some friends :)

sour cream pecan muffins

butter-sugar rusks (just thinly sliced soft baguette brushed with butter, sprinkled with sugar, baked to toast slightly, then baked at a low low low temp for 2 hours until completely dry)

onion braid loaf

breadsticks and marinara dipping sauce


  1. GASP! Mashallah you should open up a bakery! (Or send me some of those goodies)

  2. Wow mash'Allah!! All of your goodies look DEEEEELISH!!! I'm on a diet right now too, so I'm over here drooling LOL. I loove Madelines especially, and the breadsticks look amazing. You are sooo talented! The rainbow cake is absolutely beautiful mash'Allah!

  3. salam..
    it's look so delicious.. yummy..
    you're very good cooker..
    i like the color of rainbow cake. baeutiful.

    p/s:i'm so sorry, because you can't understand what i'm writing about at my blog. i agree that the translator, translate some words doesn't make sense. i can't write in english because my malay friends only interested to read 'bahasa malaysia' language. nevermind.. i still like to read you blog..

    i like gardening..
    those flowers and plants that you had seen at my blog was mine.. some are planted by my parents and some by me. we love nature.

  4. MmMmMmMmMmmmmm yummmmy!!!!!!!! :-P

  5. omigosh!!!!! we're over here drooooling. It all looks so good. WE loved all your baked sweets you made for us. masha'a'Allah! you never told me you made the rainbow cake? it looks really awesome!!! open up a bakery.. ;) are these the breadsticks you made the other night? they look so good. masha'a'Allah! your cam takes excellent! pics!!!!

  6. OMG mashaAllah!!! they all look AMAZING!!! AHh twizzle, where have you been hiding all these goodies heheh

    I WANTTTT those bread sticks! woweeee mashaAllah they look amazing!

    And yes you should open a bakery! mashaAllah everything looks very professional! with the wrapping and all ;)

  7. whoa sis u could really like have ur own cafe ;) looks very delicious !

  8. masha'allaaaaaaaaaaaah YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Can I plsss be your friend and just hang out in ur kitchen all day.. loool.. the smell of ur baking has reached me all the way here in Riyadh!!! I am LITERALLY DROOLING HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

    The goods, the presentation... all I can keep saying is WOW!!!!

  9. MashaAllah Twizzle!!! You had me drooling by the end of your post! hehehehe! I love how the rainbow cake came out. I have been meaning to make one too but keep forgetting :) I love the breadsticks and minara sauce. I should make something like that too! Wow! Maybe you should open up a bakery, LOL! ♥

  10. awwwww thanks so much for all the compliments :) :) :)

    sometimes I think about opening a bakery-- but I would have to think up a lot more recipes before thinking about it!!

    and yes Texan in UAE, those are the breadstickes from the other day. YUMMMY :)

    ohhhh inshallah next time I go up to see y'all I can bring up a batch of the dough and some of the sauce so we can bake it at one of your homes inshallah!! :)

    If y'all have a Daiso around you, thats where I got most of my stuff!! They have some real cute stuff for baking sweets!!

    by the way Texan in UAE--believe it or not all those photos were taken with my cell phone!!!

  11. Assalam alaikum!

    Thank you for sharing these pics :) Photos are very good quality- you've got some advanced cell phone!! Everything looks delicious! Inspired me to bake something today!

  12. Woooow they look DELICIOUS!


    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I apologise for not responding earlier, but I was so glad you visited! And I'm surprised you removed your comment :S!!

    Anyway, it was a great comment, and it exactly explained what my post was about. Pass by again :)

    And I'll say this again, the food looks GREAT!! MashaAllah :)

  13. yumm can you share the recipe for the bread please

  14. yes I sure can... are you talking about the braided onion bread? You can get the recipe here:

    I did do some changes... take out 1TBS of sugar from the recipe--but leave it if you like your bread pretty sweet.

    as for the onion filling, I lightly sauteed it, and let it cool before filling. I just love my onions cooked.


  15. i love my onions cooked too mostly grilled in the oven yummmmmmmmmmm thanks for the link

  16. Ahhh Twiz, you're killing me here... it all looks fantastic mashaAllah
    *drools all over the keyboard*
    I might just have to steal some of that =P

  17. Texan Teen, come on down to Dubai--I'll make some for you!! :D

  18. I WANT EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. hi twizzle,
    i am going to try this again.. this is my 3rd attempt at posting a comment and it keeps getting lost in blog world.
    i love your blog, i added it to my favorites. it is everything from amusing to thought provoking to enlightening. thanks for inviting me to check it out. and you are a really talented cook mashallah everything looked amazing.
    if you don't mind i would love the recipe for the rainbow cake, and also how you did the design. i would love to make it for a family gathering. thank you! f (anony f)

  20. Anony f, I am sooo sorry! I have to approve the comments before they show.... I have been out all day and just got on the computer :)

    I will be back on in a minute to get that recipe for you inshallah :)

  21. hi twizzle noooo i'm sorry, i keep getting an error message every time i did this it keeps saying your request is denied. i think i did it like 5 million times by pressing enter like 100 times loool so you can delete the other attempts. i'm sooooo sorry if it flooded your mail :( f

  22. oh, no need to apologize!! I am so sorry it was giving you errors. I wonder what the problem is? I'll have to look around on google if others are having this problem and if there are solutions inshallah.

    ok, now for the recipe...

    its just the cake box mix!! :D

    so, just get a white cake mix, mix it all up according to the directions and then divide the batter in half.

    take one of the halves of the batter and divide the batter into smaller bowls... how ever many colors you are going to have. I used 5 colors so it was divided into 5 bowls.

    lets see, here in Dubai, at the time, I could only find yellow, blue, and red food coloring.

    but I wanted 5 colors total so I mixed yellow and blue to make green, and then I mixed red and blue for purple.

    just mix in a couple drops of the color you want to a bowl and mix well, and keep adding till its as dark/vibrant as you want.

    the other half of the batter stays plain.

    then do as theses video show:

    part 1

    part 2

    I am telling you I was getting tired doing this toward the end LOL

    and then just bake as directed on the box :)

    once you cut the cake the color pattern on top gets ruined but the inside shows the colors really vibrantly Mashallah.


  23. oh yeah... wait a second! I get that error when I try to comment on others' blogs too from time to time! I only usually have to click on enter one, at most 2 times and then it works... but poor thing, you had to do it a bunch of times!

  24. thank you soooo much!! i am totally going to try this. btw the error was due to some problems we have been having in our area with internet (now going on 3 days).
    inshallah i hope my cake turns out as pretty as yours :) F

  25. Amazing, mashallah. I thought I commented here!
    Can I please have the recipe for the banana nut muffins and the directions? *puppy eyes* I'm a huge banana cake fan.

  26. anony f -inshallah it turned out good for you :)

    Firefox--ok, here is the recipe yum yum

    allll my in-laws wouldn't try it because they said I was using bananas meant for zubala LOL

    but really, the riper the bananas are, the more flavor...

    also, I did make a whole cake with it and made the mini muffins with the left-over batter (the recipe calls for a 9X13 pan and I used a smaller but round pan)

    unfortunately, there is not picture of the cake because it ended up not being cooked in the center LOL

    oh, and I added nuts. pecans or walnuts go well with it :)