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Monday, February 22, 2010

We All Have Secrets...

as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

one of my dear best friends Texan in UAE told me I should write about this... and I thought it was a great idea Mashallah!!

yes we do--we all have secrets. dark ones, humorous ones, sad ones, angry ones.. etc...

have you ever wondered if you were the only one who had a secret like your own?

there is a wonderful project called Post Secret (this site is not for children as some weeks there are a few mature topics as secrets--even some of the secrets I have posted here in the collages are too sensitive for children, but not as "mature" IYKWIM as some secrets get on the blog site):


people write their secrets on homemade postcards and mail them in to Frank Warren, owner of the project and site. it started out as a local project and a few cards trickled in here and there and so he started posting a selection of them online. this slowly gained more and more attention and now people from all over the world are sending in their secrets to him.

there are so many postcards he receives that they cannot all be published so he holds Post Secret events in different cities and the audiences can walk around and read hundreds, if not thousands, of different secrets displayed. afterward Frank Warren will have a gathering with everyone where they may discuss the secrets or reveal their own secrets etc...

every Sunday the site is updated with new secrets. some will disgust you, some will move you, some will horrify you, some will bring you joy and other will bring you to tears. You can see a very small collection of them at the end of this blog post.. you will have to click on the images to see the collages in full-size. It was very hard to choose just the ones I did as there are just too many to choose from.

for those who would like to see even more secrets here is an archive site:

Post Secret Archive

let me know what you think... you might even be surprised and see a secret that you can relate to. maybe some of you will end up mailing in a secret of your own.

your secrets are all your own
but you are not all alone

here is one email sent to Frank Warren from a woman after she attended a Post Secret event (and a couple of responses from readers of the site):


  1. Heartbreaking. As the mother of a toddler, the ones about abortions and deceased infants are bringing me to tears.

  2. My mouth is open and my eyes are filled with tears. OMIGOSH! :((((( is all I can say. :(( I'm totally in shock with some of these. Some made me smile with happiness and some broke my heart,some made me feel helpless. YA Allah. :((( This world is filled with so many sad people. Jazkay Allah Khair for sharing!!! I was excited to come and read this, hoping that you would of posted it. :)))) I love you!!!!!

  3. Sometimes when I get the Post Secret emails I will cry. Like the letter at the end of your post had me in tears so badly. Yeah there are a lot of things on there that I can relate too. Sometimes I feel compelled to leave a written secret somewhere just to say it and get it off of my chest.

  4. Oh sometimes too I just keep his emails because a couple of the postcards moved me in some way. I never knew that there was an archive of them. Thanks.

  5. Knowing myself, maybe reading these wont be such a good idea :/ But then again, maybe it will bring some closure or make me grateful for my life??

    Thanks Twizzle for posting this.

  6. salam..
    that the first word come from my mouth when reading your entry..

    thanks for sharing it..
    its a new thing for me.
    i never ever know about this before..
    sounds like it really helpful for those people who had secret to share..

  7. Oh that last letter was something else :(
    Thanks for sharing that, i always forget about that site.