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Monday, March 8, 2010

A Funny and unconventional Gift...

mood: angry--allllll at Texan in UAE's description of a hypothetical situation-- talking on the phone at 3am with her :)

**I changed the original wording to say "unconventional" because AstagferAllah, the original word I used showed no appreciation.

as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

Have y'all gotten an unconventional gift before?

I really really do appreciate it when people give gifts. It is a really nice gesture Mashallah.

But this gift was funny but unconventional LOL:

A rooster!! A woman that has known the family for a while gifted this to us last year Mashallah... that was nice of her... except we didn't even have a farm to put him on (this was long before my BIL bought farmland)!!! We still live in the old-school houses where the courtyard is in the center of the house and the garden area is too small for a rooster to be happy living on LOL

We did find him a good home though Alhamdulillah

Though while he was home for a day and a half, our cat ZuZu did get to meet him:

Final whisper to Texan in UAE: allll I was talking to my step-father and I asked "How are y'all?" and he goes "You moved all the way to UAE and you are now saying y'all? Really? Y'all?"

*note: we do not say "y'all" like the Texans do. we say "You all"



  1. hahahaha omg! thats one halarious gift hehehe

  2. salam..
    auuww..your cat, ZuZu looked so afraid with the rooster...

  3. HA HA HA OMG!!! I'm cracking up at the rooster and what your step dad said. I'm telling y'all! you hang out with me, y'all will start saying, "y'all."

    Abu A even says it. Arab saying, Y'all. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL I'm happy y'all got the little cute rooster a good home! that would of been a perfect gift! if y'all had the farm then. LOL @ that hypothetical situation! boy do I have a imagination. LOOOOOOOOOOOL still laughing.

  4. lol.. now that s an interesting gift! A Rooster!.. WOW!

    As for y'all, I have noticed I say it a lot, and I don't even have any Texan friends here.. I wonder where I picked it up.. lol :)

  5. It could have fed the family for a day! Actually that looks like one handsome rooster (not kidding) you should have went out and gotten him 3 hens! In a while you'd have enough home grown eggs that you wouldnt buy any... and chicken!

    I would totally love a gift like that! Beats the unimaginative chocolates from Patchi or the staple bottle of perfume that everyone gets everyone for every occasion.

    I mean really, how many roosters have you been give? It's a very unique girt to receive!

  6. its fun to say y'all isn't it???

    we were all laughing that we got the rooster, but we just didn't have a proper place for it... LOL

    not to mention he would crow at any time of the day whenever he felt like it--and it was LOUD!! LOL

    and yes, zuzu was scared of him--it was hilarious.

    Oh, ultra[blue] I mentioned it before--but if we had kept him I would have given him a name and I would have had to stop eating chicken LOL

    Yes, he was a very handsome rooster Mashallah :)

    too bad my BIL didn't have his farm then... you should see the rooster now. He got the rooster from a very longtime family friend who said she will get the chickens from the sheikhs of Oman (or maybe it was Bahrain)--and the rooster..poor thing looks all pathetic LOL but I think he will fill out with some good ol' tender loving care inshallah. one chicken is even blind!!

    but they still produce plenty of eggs and at least the blind one has a good home :)

  7. LOL! that's a very unique gift haha.

  8. Assalam alaikum!

    Mashallah that's a handsome rooster!

    A very unusual gift but I'm sure it was given from the heart.

    I know a story how some people who lived in a flat got a goat :-o as a gift from their relatives in the countryside. Children loved it and rode the goat, but mother was all angry cleaning up goat droppings around the flat. Eventually they sold it.

  9. I know its soooo unusual LOL!! lo

    =)) about the goat!!