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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Paranormal Happenings Part 1

as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah,

have y'all had any paranormal experiences? I'd love to hear them. I will share some of mine, but not all at once because it would get long.

my experiences really did happen to me, I am not making any of it up. I highly recommend you read this in the middle of the night when you are alone----just kidding!!

So, here is one of my paranormal experiences:

When we first moved in our new home (I was about 15 yrs old) I got the basement bedroom. A few weeks later when I was home alone, I went to bed and when I was just starting to get settled into a sleep, all of a sudden, right behind me, "someone" was breathing hard...but it was a struggled breathing, and it was RIGHT BEHIND ME like someone was laying in my bed with me!!!! I got extremely cold too!!... I got so scared, and pulled the covers over me and thought of something else and it went away.... I tried to tell myself it was just my imagination and calmed myself down. Then I tried to doze off again a few minutes later....and the breathing started again!! I remember getting cold and thinking to myself "should I look?" "should I look?" and got too freaked out and I jumped out of bed and ran upstairs!!! When my family got home later they all laughed at me, thinking I was just imagining things because I was home alone.

I have no idea how I even managed, but I still kept that as my room. I wanted to be away from everyone who all had their bedrooms on the same level, upstairs. I started sleeping in the room with the TV or the radio on because although I never heard that breathing noise again, I always heard something...

At one point, my sister got to take the other room next to mine for a little while--it was a family room but it was pretty much unused so she was going to make it into a large bedroom for herself. And the 2nd night she slept in the room she heard the breathing noise!! She went straight back to her bedroom upstairs..

One night while my cousin slept over with me in my room and she woke me up in the middle of the night. I was like "what???" all annoyed and she was terrified and said "I heard the breathing!!!" Another time that same cousin and I (but not the same night she heard the breathing),were talking and talking and in the background I could hear this tapping on the wall but I wasn't wondering about it -- after a while my cousin said "what is that?" and we both stopped to listen.... and the noise just completely stopped.

One day I was sitting on my floor leaning up on the foot of the bed. All of a sudden I "felt" a cat jump on the bed. I started saying "who is hear..." and when I turned around there was nothing there. I am certain "it" was my cat who had died a few weeks earlier.

Here is one of the last experiences in my bedroom:

One night I forgot to leave the TV / stereo on and while I was laying down trying to fall asleep I heard scratching on my closet door. I sat up and the noise stopped. So after a few moments I laid down again. Then the scratching started again. I sat up and it stopped again. I sat there for a short while and called our cats names' but no reply so I laid down again. The scratching started up a few seconds later again!! So this time I got up and out of bed, turned the lights on and opened the closet door thinking one of our cats must have been scratching.... but NOTHING was there!! I freaked out and turned the tv on so I could sleep.

We later found out the former owner of the house died of a heart attack in my room! ewwwwwwwwwww!

I eventually moved out to live in an apartment with a friends. A couple of years later I moved back in temporarily and I didn't hear any noises anymore, Alhamdulillah. My parents still live in that home. No one uses my old bedroom... they changed it to a guest room and so far no guests have stayed down there.

They want me to come stay with them when I visit this summer inshallah but remembering everything makes me scared to use that room again so I will most likely stay at my sister's home!

ok, so that is my first story.... please do share a story of yours if you have any!! I love hearing them... I don't know why but I like getting scared LOL

** would y'all like to take your mind off of my story for a moment? if so, here is a random pet video of our birds KooKoo and NuNu y'all can laugh at :)


  1. Assalam alaikum

    I dont like getting scared! :((

    Reading this post made my hands sweat. May Allah protect me from any of such paranormal happenings

  2. :-O These stories still freak me out. But, I'm lucky you got to tell them to us in person. OMG- how freaky. I would so freak out. Remember when I told you I heard someone calling my name, right in back of me. YUCK! I freaked out.

    I wish you could stay the night! sometime soonish. We need to have a gals night and tell spooky stories. That would be so much fun!!!!! Ahhh.

  3. OMG!! I am the kind of person whom such stories scare the life out of!! I wonder how you managed to stay in one piece after such scary experiences! If I were you, I would leave the house all together and never come back:-o

  4. sound so scary..
    something going on there..
    owner of the house died of a heart attack in your room???
    might be his spirit around there..

    ya alice.. me too..
    i don't like getting scared too..

    i remember when i was 13 years old,
    i always being disturb with 'something'..
    something heavy on my chest until i can't breathe.. and can't move.
    i want to scream for some helps. but i can't..
    its like paralyze.
    it's really hurt and scary..
    all i can do is reading Ayatul Kursi in my heart.
    after that i can move my body and i cried..
    start from that,
    i'm scared to sleep at night..and having insomnia..

    i told my mother about that,
    she's told me to read Ayatul Kursi after praying.
    my sister didn't believe me, she's said i'm only having bad dreams..
    that night she's being disturb by that mysterious thing too..
    and then she's start to believing me..

    when i was studying at collage,
    that mystery thing following me.. and disturb my friends too..

    it's still around but rarely to disturbing me..
    sometimes it's comes..
    about 3 months ago,
    it's raise my body..
    pull my body..
    i don't tell anyone about this..
    because i'm feeling, like i was dreaming...
    ashamed to sharing it.
    i just take that easy..
    but about week later,
    my sister told me..
    my brother had being disturb..
    something raise his body when he was sleeping at the living room..
    and he told my sister, he always being disturb by 'something'.
    it's just same like what happen to me..
    until now it' still mystery..

    but i'm feeling something pull my legs,
    raise my body and

  5. Ooh, that's a really scary story!!
    I have had a lot of weird things happen to me, some really scary and some not so much.
    At my parents house when I was younger I would see whispy things float down the hall past my bedroom door. One morning I woke up early and saw something fly down toward me from a cabinet above my closet.
    And I saw the cat walking through the house from the corner of my eye but he was dead.
    Alhumdulilah, for a looong time I haven't had anything happen. Though the night before last I thought I shut off the living room light when I went in to go to bed but I turned around and it was still on...I really thought I turned it out but maybe I didn't? That's not the first time. I was SURE I shut off a hall light one night and closed the door. I was in the living room and when I turned around, it was on again. But I am sure I turned it off that time.
    My husband answered the phone one night, this was a month or so after my Aunt died, and he heard a weird voice that sounded like her repeating 'hello' and what he thought sounded like her name. He kept saying 'hello? who are you?' and she was like she didn't hear. He got really freaked out and hung up. Also, it was the week she died, my grandmother and mom were cleaning up her house and someone had tried to get into the voice mail on my aunts home phone and cell phone, and she was the only one with a password for it...kinda creepy!
    My grandmother thinks her house is haunted. I don't know...but when her dad was alive and still living there, they couldn't find some cooking utensils and later found them in a drawer in the bedroom. My grandmother thinks her mother hid them because there was another woman in there cooking...I don't know.
    And the cleaning woman told my grandmother once that my great-grandfather had been talking to people and someone helped him put his sweater on (he wouldn't have been able to himself) and that it was very cold all of a sudden. He used to say he couldn't sleep in the bedroom because of the people having loud parties back there.

    Ok, I think my comment post is too long now!!

  6. oh, Alice, inshallah you never experience anything like that!

    and I have more stories I will share in the near future! :P

    Texan in UAE.. ohhh I remember!! and the majlis door incident!!

    Miss Dreamer-- yes I wonder sometimes how the heck I stayed in that room... but then again I watch shows like "A Haunting" which tell stories of people who move into haunted homes (unknowingly) and they usually also usually keep sleeping the the rooms where "stuff" happens.

    Annfrendly, my husband has had the experiences of feeling like someone is pressing down on his chest and he can't move or breathe. He has had it happen a few times.

    but you felt someone raising you and pulling you???and your brother too?

    inshallah the experiences stop for you both!

    Melissa-- oh not at all--your post is not too long!! thank you for sharing your stories :)

    ohh about the things you saw as a young girl.. I have never seen any paranormal stuff.. at least for now I don't remember. I have alwyas only heard things.

    the part where your husband answered to the phone only to hear your recently deceased aunt on the other end sent chills down my spine.

    and your grandmother's house being haunted.. on one hand that is nice whatever your great-grandfather saw was friendly and helped him with the sweater... yet still freaky at the same time!