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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Photos from the BBQ

as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

 if you haven't yet, you can read Texan in UAE's entry about our lil' BBQ get-together at Om Abdullah's home the day before yesterday :)

  I was going to make a post about it as well but she pretty much summed it all up in her post MashaAllah.

 But I do have some photos to share-- you may not want to look at them if you are hungry  :P

so, here Kasey, Texan in UAE, and I  just skewered the marinated chicken (you must try this recipe--which you can get at Texan in UAE's post)

and here Om Abdullah spiced the steaks

here Texan in UAE and I were in charge of grilling... and well...  we burned this first batch LOL   and we decided to do the rest in the oven instead  :D

So next were the steaks and after a few minutes flames started shooting up from their oils that drippped down and instead of moving the steaks I thought, "photo opportunity!!" and snapped up some photos before moving them LOL

Here is the yummy salad Texan Teen made for us

oooohh baked potatoes!!! the real thing too!! baked in the oven (not microwaved like some people do--thats not the real thing!)  :D

and here ya go, the kabobs and steaks  :)


  1. wow Mashallah looks so yummy! My cooking skills are erm well cant even call them skills lol

  2. Amira ;)) inshallah you can try the kabobs.. very easy even for a newbie to cooking :) just crank the oven up to like 200C and bake them for about 15 minutes instead of on the grill :)

  3. We had so much fun! masha'a'Allah! i can't wait to do it again. :x

  4. Ohhh it was sooo fun MashaAllah!! I JUST LOVED hanging out with you girlies...can't wait to do it again realllly sooon! :-*

  5. Steaks look yummy and I'll take kebab but without the 'shrooms please! hehe. Nice job ladies! I will put up some pictures of my chicken curry insh'allah that' I've learned how to make from my Amma.

  6. Texan in UAE, Kasey, and Om Abdullah, we must do this more often inshallah! Plus if we can do it at Om A's, perfection!! the driving distance isn't too bad :P

    MuslimFirst... ohhhhhh only post the pictures if you post the recipe along with it!!!! :D

  7. I looked at the pics at the wrong time. Didn't have my lunch yet!

    Looks delicious. But in such gatherings, food is secondary. The company is what matters..

  8. mannn everything was good too mashaallah!

  9. El Shahlab-- but the best combo is good company and good food!! :D

    Texan Teen--I know!! I am craving the chicken kabobs right now... I just might have to make them :)

  10. I will not say Mashallah here. For one simple reason, I just pulled a 7:30 to 6 pm day on THURSDAY and I have not eaten, and even if I had it would have been nothing compared to all this!

    So I am not sending 7asad your way!!!!!!

    I kid of course. I hope you can teach Firefox how to do some of this as a future living off of Pizza Hut isnt sounding too good after seeing all this...

  11. ultra[blue]- "I just pulled a 7:30 to 6 pm day on THURSDAY and I have not eaten"

    oh I HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE it when my husband does this!!!! and he does it a lot!!! there have been many days he came home with headaches because of it too. I have gotten mad at him many times for it.

    And I have offered to make him lunch he can take with him--but he thinks its uncool to take a box lunch from home!! LOL

    "I hope you can teach Firefox how to do some of this as a future living off of Pizza Hut isnt sounding too good after seeing all this..."

    Pizza Hut--noooo!! Although its edible, it leaves me feeling gross after I eat it. Papa Johns is so much better, but I don't know if they have it in Abu Dhabi-- you can go with Firefox next time you are in Dubai

    If Firefox WANTS to learn how to cook (you can't really force someone to like cooking) I, and even Texan in UAE could meet up and cook together!! That would be fun!

    though don't get me wrong--of course I don't usually take pictures of my failures I have cooked what my husband has called "jail food" whenever I have messed up LOL

  12. ITA with the company is what matters. Masha'a'Allah! We always have the great company! :X I love my girls!

    Yes, we should do this more often. It would be so much easier, if y'all lived here in AD! ;;)

    Kasey, it's at your casa, next time. Y'all been to ours! and now it's your turn! I can't wait! Now, just getting my hubby to take me there. He won't let me go with Twizzle or anyone else. Just him. :|

  13. "I hope you can teach Firefox how to do some of this as a future living off of Pizza Hut isnt sounding too good after seeing all this..."

    I thought you didn't care! See, that's what I have been afraid of with all these yummy blogs. LOL! Just messing...I enjoy drooling over my keyboard.

    Grilling meat isn't hard! You just turn and watch. And yes, I've done it RIGHT despite not being a good cook and the meat tasted good.

    Twizzle, I've tried to bake for my fiance and once made him peanut butter cookies which he said tasted like sand. He called them sand cookies.

    I do like to cook. I'd love to able to serve my husband some delicious meals.

    I'm decent with 'prison' food like you mentioned above. ;-) Dump a bunch of vegetables, some meat in tomato sauce and some spices. Serve with rice. Lazy and easy! Tastes better the next day even! Haha.

    I do make a an apple cinnamon cake which all my friends and family love (I even bake them just to eat msyelf) but ultrablue doesn't believe me.

    I want to be able to prepare at least one meal that'll make him fall in love with me all over again. Lol.

    You want to teach me to cook? That's sweet. :) Ask ultrablue?!

    Oh and I never tasted taco bell until my fiance introduced me to it.I will always be a loyal fan. ;P

  14. yummy..
    bbq.. i love it..
    i had seen the recipes in texan in UAE's blog..
    so nice...

  15. Texan in UAE--yes yes, inshallah at Kasey's next time!!

    Firefox-- LOL @ ultra[blue] not believing you can make an apple cinnamon cake!! you will just have to make one for him soon then!!

    "You want to teach me to cook? That's sweet. Ask ultrablue?! "

    ask ultra[blue]? do you mean ask him what he wants you to learn??? LOL

    well, inshallah one day soon.. but you have to taste our cooking before me or even Texan in UAE teaches our recipes!!!

    inshallah if you can meet us at a sisters get-together one day would be great!!

    yay for Taco Bell!! well, over here only if they will add my favorites to their menu!!!

    annfrendly--oh ann, you have to try that recipe Texan posted!! ishallah you do :)

  16. Assalam alaikum

    Mashallah you had great time and delicious food! Thanks for sharing the pics!

  17. Alice--inshallah one day we can have a get together and you can come!! :D