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Friday, March 5, 2010

Meet the Crew :)

as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

Narrated Abu Huraira:
The Prophet said, “A man felt very thirsty while he was on the way, there he came across a well. He went down the well, quenched his thirst and came out. Meanwhile he saw a dog panting and licking mud because of excessive thirst. He said to himself, “This dog is suffering from thirst as I did.” So, he went down the well again and filled his shoe with water and watered it. Allah thanked him for that deed and forgave him. The people said, “O Allah’s Apostle! Is there a reward for us in serving the animals?” He replied: “Yes, there is a reward for serving any animate (living being).”
(Bukhari,Book #43, Hadith #646)

who else reading my blog are animal lovers? do y'all have any pets? :)

I thought I'd share a little tidbit of my life by showing you the pets at our home.

Tora-chan--her mother had her and her siblings up in the roof of our home and we found a home for the other two and kept her :) She is a cutie Mashallah, she tolerates all our birds, hates our other cat and talks back to me when I get mad at her. She gets scared when my husband gets mad at her though.

Next meet: Zuzu, or Zaidane--he just wandered into our yard one day and my husband decided to keep him because he has always wanted an orange cat LOL --that being said I do almost all of the care-taking of him!!! He is a really really sweet cat Mashallah. He tolerates the birds and is afraid of Tora-chan because she has kicked his butt several times since he was a kitten. He isn't afraid of the street cats though.

Meet: KooKoo the African Grey--he is a loud one... loves to talk, make wierd loud noises, and whistle. He is really playful and he gets along with most people... but you have to know his body language to know if he is angry or playful--if he is angry his bites can hurt pretty bad. He is pretty good with me though :)

Here he is right before he got his butt whacked today for trying to chew on my laptop! He gives attitude and talks back when I get mad at him :) When my BIL clips his nails or wings he doesn't speak to my BIL for like a day or two afterwards LOL

Meet: NuNu the Rose-breasted Cockatoo, or Galah- my BIL just found him in a parking area by his friend's house one day. He was real friendly and came to him so we have had him ever since. He is really friendly, playful, and silly. I just realized I barely have any photos of him... most of him are on video, which I will upload some of his funny stuff at a later time inshallah :) --he chases and attacks our cats :)

Meet: Titi the Indian Ringneck--he is my SIL's parrot, she hand-raised him since he was a baby. He tolerates us but has attitude like crazy and tries to bite everyone all the time. He will go to anyone and stand on their shoulder but sometimes will bite people on the face if he gets angry. He eats just about anything while the other birds are more picky.

And last but not least, meet: 3al3ool (alool) , or Looli, AKA Turbo the cockatiel -he is the newest member to our family :) He is still afraid of everyone but he does get on our hands. My MIL calls him Turbo because he runs so fast.

p.s. for anyone thinking of running out to buy a bird or a cat now... please realize it is a HUGE responsibility. Cats are easier...but you do have to deal with litter boxes, cat hair, yearly trips to the vet for vaccinations, and more if they get sick!!

Birds, especially the social birds like parrots, cockatoos, cockatiels, etc... need entertainment and physical activity or else they become very stressed. They need at least 45 minutes of interaction with you a day. They can be very loud when they are stressed, bored, or like our Koo Koo, whenever he feels like it. They need toys that give them activities to keep them stimulated and toys should be rotated because they do get bored.

They won't always like everyone in the home. Sometimes they only love one person and reject everyone else. And they have a longer life expectancy than cats and dogs. For instance, Koo Koo's species can live up to 50 years!!

Please do not get a pet unless you have researched what their needs are and you are sure you can provide for them. :)

"You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed."
Antoine de Saint-Exupery


  1. LOL! Your cats are so cute! And would so be loved by this place:

    My sister has 4, and I LOVE playing with them and they lubs me! (Well... one of them does) but sadly, I am DEATHLY allergic. Even just petting them for 3 minutes will start me off.

    GASP! We had african greys ages ago too! We had to give them away to my uncles house but they are still there!

    Very cute mashallah.

  2. What a sweet sweet post.. masha'a'Allah! that picture of nunu! is neato!!! LOL I love it.. Tora has gained some pounds!!! LOL she's such a cutie! masha'a'Allah.

    I also find to many people buying birds and other animals and they can't take care of them. Look at the bird we bought my daughter, it ended up going to you after a while. She didn't take care of him and I couldn't be responsible for this. So, off to mama twizzle he went. :)

    animals are a very big responiblity, they take your time and a lot of effort. . I grew up with them. Love them, but won't have them in this villa. I wanna wait until we get a house with a garden. Insha'a'Allah.

    great post... as always.. masha'a'Allah

  3. Look at the bird we bought my daughter, it ended up going to you after a while. She didn't take care of him and I couldn't be responsible for this. So, off to mama twizzle he went. :)

    Walla just like in our case with my uncle. Sadly so many people just let it "free" thru a window, not knowing that because the bird isnt from this climate, it'll probably die soon after.

    We had hamsters growing up. Very easy to take care of. Much easier than cats/birds...

  4. ultra[blue]

    Astagferallah! that is disgusting about mataam nasser!

    Alhamdulillah I am not allergic!! I can't live without cats! :)

    Texan in UAE... I am still sad that he flew away!! And he was just getting used to me! I still don't know why the maid decided to clean his cage when I had always been the one doing it!!

    yes, my MIL used to get canaries and stuff and if one died she would decide to release the other even though I told her they can't survive in the wild especially if they have been caged most of their lives!

    Texan in UAE had the cutest hamster.. or wait..was it a guinea pig? I can't remember but she was soo adorable Mashallah!! I had guinea pigs as a child but don't really remember anything about them.

  5. Amaizing,
    Beautiful cats, beautiful birds :)
    i love animals too.
    They all are so lucky, for having you.
    Lovely and caring person..

    i agree with you.
    when we must take responsible and fulfill our pets needs.

  6. ultra[blue]

    Astagferallah! that is disgusting about mataam nasser!

    Why so? You eat cows dont you? And goats maybe? And chickens? And maybe fish?

    So why is a cat so bad? Especially if you dont know it's cat! I'm pretty sure it's haram, sure, but only if you KNOW. I didnt! And it was very tasty!

    I had Mataam Nasser again tonight! Very tasty.

    We also had a guinea pig... It used to make noises like a siren and wake me up... I kinda fed him to the falcons... *whistles* I like my sleep!

    Also fed some of the hamster to them as well... damn things would run around their wheels all night... drove me insane.

    FAlcons are good for that... To threaten your younger brotehrs with... If you dont have your hamster be silent... Chippy is gonna be Liwa's dinenr! Then before he gets home from school by like 10 minutes send the thing out there infront of the falcon (Liwa)

    My brother comes home and sees him eating his hamster... Ah! I can now see why I wasnt a loved child...

    Anyways, lol. Nice animals! Make sure there are no falcons around...

  7. ultra[blue]

    if I had cows, goats, and chickens at home I would be a vegetarian. seriously... I would have names for all of them and wouldn't be able to eat them!

    One day my BIL went to his wife's father's home and they brought home this cute goat and immediately I named him "Gilbert"

    They slaughtered him the next morning and I couldn't eat goat meat for like 6 months.

    that is so sad what you did to the guinea pig and your brother's hamster!! how traumatic for your brother!!

    at the very least did they die instantly?

    owwwwwwww poor things!

    falcons are awesome though Mashallah--but I like an animal I can carry and cuddle. Plus that is really sad to see them in their helmet blindfold thingies.

  8. The blindfold is for their own protection. They get jumpy (understandable) around people they dont know, and around an urban setting. Lights, cars, people, tv... If they werent blindfolded they would jump around and probably hurt themselves (As they were inside the house.)

    Walla Falcons are pretty efficient with their prey. I think they were completely dead within seconds. Then again my main reasonings for those "treats" was to mess with my. But even if the death werent instance.. Its the circle of life, the poor thing has to eat, and I dont think quail everyday was very nice.

    And just to put this out there, they also like being pet and stuff... like on their chests and back, so you can cuddle up to a falcon! You can also play fight with them, if you tap their beaks they will "attack" your finger but not really.

    Growing up we had a farm on the 1/2 of this land that had no house (Now there is a 2nd house here) and so we had lots of goats, chickens, 6 dear, peacocks, rabbits...

    I LOVE goads, they are very lovable and huggable! But in the end the males would end up in the saloona or baryani. lol. So did the dear now as I think about it... They were tasty! And we never needed to buy eggs as we had many chickens... We eat them as well... And the rabbits... they had kids, lots of kids... tasty kids.

  9. as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah,

    LOL trying to justify feeding your PETS to the falcon!! Yes, the falcon needs to eat a variety of food, but it doesn't really have be your pet now does it?

    I know falcons are jumpy without the mask... we know some people with falcons and they used to bring one to our home all the time. And he would get jumpy without it...

    If I grew up on a farm I'd probably be able to eat the farm animals as it would have been a normal thing... but I was spoiled with getting to buy my meat all cut up and packaged :)

    My BIL has a farm now with goats and chickens and once I go there and interact with the goats, I am pretty sure after they slaughter the first one, I will stop eating goat meat from then on.

    Even though deer are common where I'm from, my family are not hunters so I have never tried it.

    Oh, I do remember one incident of seeing rabbits that were hunted. I refused to eat the meat that day LOL

  10. LOL trying to justify feeding your PETS to the falcon!!

    My BROTHERS' pets! I need no justification! They annoyed me! I was a mean kid now that I look back. I dont blame anyone for taking the canes to me!

    They sometimes have rabbit in the meat section at supermarkets here! Try it! Is yummy!

  11. "I dont' blame anyone for taking the canes to me!"

    I was taught to only spank children in extreme circumstances.

    and, if any child of mine did what you did, forget a cane, they would be spanked with a solid wooden paddle!!

    I'll skip on the rabbit, thanks :)

  12. oh, I did try buffalo the other day at a new restaurant here though...

    hmmm I don't know why but I didn't even blink an eye at eating the buffalo meat... but I just can't bring myself to eat rabbit meat.

  13. Assalam alaikum

    I love animals but I dont have any now.

    Your pets are adorable! The cats are soooooooo cute! My son would love to play with them! He's crazy about cats! And the birds you have- beautiful mashallah!

    p.s. for anyone thinking of running out to buy a bird or a cat now... please realize it is a HUGE responsibility

    That's very much how I felt -ready to run out to buy a pet :) After reading this post of yours few days ago I got inspired and even tried to talk my dh into getting us some pet. But later my enthusiasm vanished when I thought of all the responsibilities.

    Maybe one day we'll get some pet. Pets are good for children- they grew up loving. playing and taking care of animals, they learn mercy, responsibility.

  14. Alice,

    yes, naturally when people see cute animals they just want to run out and buy one right away without realize what kind of commmitment it really is.

    the sad thing is over in our neighborhoods, I know some people take in the street kittens and then kick them out when they get a little bit older. I know because every now and then all of a sudden I will see a kitten around 5-6 months old that i never saw outside before and he is all lovey dovey with me and almost skin and bones. Usually its because the kitten didn't learn how to survive outside since whatever family had it had been feeding him!

    its just so cruel! AstagferAllah.

  15. oh, I forgot to add,

    yes, inshallah y'all get a pet one day--they can be so entertaining Mashallah! I even love the animals with attitudes. I then get to go have fun annoying them LOL

  16. Salams

    I'm in love with your pets. I showed my DH the cats (cause you know we have a cattery here lol) and read out the caption for Zuzu, he says about your DH wanting a ginger cat that he was the same <- that is how we got the most feral cat int he world, aka mork, ask your Dh if he wants another ginger I'll bring him over haha.

    I love the pic of your Galah, with Tora-chan in the background, it looks like she's glaring at her lol. We have so many galah's and other cockatoo's here, I prefer the galah's, we get so many of the sulphur-crested Cockatoo they are so noisy, they shriek a lot, though sometimes they will imitate the sounds from video games, that is pretty funny.

    I think though I'll definitely just stick with the cats, they're already a handful (though I love them even when they're being weird and naughty). i think a bird would really be pushing my sanity lol.


  17. Stef/riddy!! :D

    welcome to my blog :D

    yes I know y'all love cats like we do!! he he he unfortunately about taking another cat... the rest of the family hate us for having the cats we do LOL

    my MIL was all trying to getting annoyed and complaining to me for taking in Zuzu-- and when I first told her my husband-her son- decided to keep him she still though it was me and was all annoyed LOL

    I had to have my husband tell her himself for her to believe it. Alllllllllll she get annoyed yet when she is eating lunch, she feeds him her food!!! I don't even do that!! LOL

    so for her, cat are a love/hate thing. like she talks about getting a Persian cat (what I call designer cats) and then she complains about the hair shedding off my short-haired cats!! LOL

    the birds are AWESOME to have but it is a lot of work!! They can get loud... Nunu the Galah is not loud though :) but he does get loud when one of us wants to leave and also when he can hear that one of us is coming home into the courtyard. its cute Mashallah :) and the Galah runs around and does crazy stuff its so cute LOL

    and yes, I looooove my cats even when they are being naughty!! I looove an animal that has total attitude too LOL