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Monday, March 29, 2010

Your Saying it Wrong!

as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

I know I already made another post earlier today but I just had to tell this little thing...  its really random and only an Arabic speaker might understand the mumble jumble I write here LOL

 so... Om Abdullah (Om A)was BB-ing with Texan in UAE (Texan) who was talking to me from her landline.  Om A asked us to ask our husbands for a few words starting with the Arabic letter noon (for her daughter's homework)  So Texan's husband tell her "nakhla" (palm tree)-- and then I could hear Texan asking her husband how to spell it... then after a few seconds Texan asks me,
"Ask your husband how to spell 'nehala'." 
and I could hear her husband  telling her something in the background (but not clear enough to understand)...and I asked my husband
"So, (husband's name), would you spell Nahala-- 'n', 'e', 'h'..." 
and he interrupted me and said,
"its 'naHla' not 'nahala'" -- allllll annoyed at my pronunciation LOL
so I tell Texan (while rolling my eyes),
"oh, so he is saying its 'naHla', not 'nahala'"
and Texan said, 
"My husband is telling me the same thing!! that its 'nakkHHHHHHHla' and not 'nahala'" 

allll she tells her husband my husband is complaining about the same thing he is and he starts laughing!

allllllll both our husbands at the same time are all annoyed at our pronunciation because we are having some difficulty with the Arabic letter "Ha" that you pronounce in the back of your throat  LOL

-we need some practice to pronounce some of the letter correctly.  It takes time especially coming from speaking a lazy language like American English LOL

oh...wait.. I speak Japanese, and some Spanish, French (well, I used to speak it really well but its pathetic now) etc... and then Texan speaks Spanish as well--   but in our defense...none of these languages have any letters pronounced in the back of the throat  (oops well french does have one)!!

***oops correction I called Texan back after posting this and it turns out we were both pronouncing different words.. she was meaning Nakhla meaing "palm tree", while I heard it from her as nehala (she can't pronounce the harsh KH that is also pronounced in the back of the throat ), so I pronounced it like her and my husband was thinking she was meaning neHla, meaning "bee".  LOL 

Texan just told me--the funny thing is her sisters in law always laughs at her and once told her "Texan, when you say palm tree do you know what your saying?"    
 and she answered 
"yes, palm tree"
and her SIL said, 
"no, your saying 'bee'"


  1. Salam alaykom sis! lol you two are hilarious! yeah the 'KH' takes some getting used to, especially when you're just starting to learn Arabic. you will get the hang of it though, Insha'Allah. practice makes perfect! <3 <3

  2. =)) how funny! I couldn't stop laughing last night. LOL You speak Arabic well, masha'a'Allah! I can't even carry a conversation with my MIL. :( I have got to learn.

    Insha'a'Allah. :X :X :X

  3. LOL! As I was reading this I said to myself I think they have date tree and bee mixed up... and towards the end! YOU DID!

    BTW, I say date tree and not palm tree because Nakhla is literally the tree found here that produces dates.

    A palm tree that produces... coconuts for example is called a "Shajarat Narjeel"

    Thinking about it I cant think of an Arabic word that encompasses all palm trees...

  4. Princess--yes practice practice practice!! something we have been lazy about.. :(

    NeverEver--welcome to my blog :) Arabic is a beautiful language MashaAllah, isn't it? :D

    Texan--I know we are crazy girl! inshallah we get serious about learning Arabic!! I can do so much better than I am doing...

    ultra[blue]--- that is really good to know about using the term 'date palm'...and now I know how to say coconut palm :D (lets see if I remember the term come time when I want to say it!)

  5. salam..
    it's so funny..
    :) arabic language is very beautiful but it's taka time to learn it..
    very good..
    so lucky..
    u know many languages..

  6. Assalam alaikum

    although I believe I'm very good at pronouncing "kh" sound -I often confuse where it should be, I say some words which have it with "h" and vice versa.

  7. MashaAllah Twizzle I could hear this conversation between y'all in my head, LOLOL! I have that problem sometimes differentiating between the "H" (after Jeem) and the "kh".

  8. annfrendly, yes, Arabic is a beautiful language MashaAllah :)

    Alice, I can pronounce "kh" too just because I learned it from French classes in high school. But the letters pronounced in the back of the throat--while I have learned how to pronounce it, I still have difficulty when the letter is in certain words... like at the beginning of a word I can pronounce it just fine... practice practice practice!! :D

    MaMa MishMish, we always have silly conversations her and I!!! LOL ;))