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Thursday, April 1, 2010

When the Cats Come Out to Play

as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

 so.... my cat Tora-chan gets to go outside a few times a day and in the end I make her come in at the latest 1am.  Well.. last night (or early this morning I should say) she didn't come home and I was outside at 2am calling and calling for her.  I finally gave up and went out again at 4:15am and I could hear her pathetic meows from outside the home.   She was trying to climb a tree from outside but maybe she couldn't climb all the way or something to get on our roof so she got scared that she shouldn't get back in.  So I opened the front gate and down that tree and in she came running.

She compeletely smelled like metal... like if you rubbed your hand on stainless steel and then smelled it. So today came what needed to be done but also doubled as her punishment.

Here she was about an hour before just chillin' like a villain--Habibi she is!!:

And here she was after!! 

Here she is trying to clean off the water off herself LOL

Allllll my husband said "I'm not going to help you because I'm scared" LOL  (she fights for her life)  so there I was doin' it by myself.  Then my husband came in to check things out since he heard me yelling at her (she got away and ran out of the tub once) and he even said "it totally smells like metal in here!!" --even water alone couldn't get that smell off.. but I have shampoo for cats so she got lathered up twice. 

After a bit he couldn't take her desperate pleas for help anymore and so he left again LOL   though he finally had to help me at the very end because she started thrashing around too much. 

ahhhhh but now my BRAT sweet sweet Tora-chan is all clean again MashaAllah  :)  

now I have to go take a shower.. that was quite a workout!!  LOL


  1. I couldn't help but say outloud, Habibti! Toraaaaa! little brat!!!! I love the pics!!! she's adorable and has gained tons of weight. Poor, mama!!!! I wonder why she smelled like, Metal? Hmmm. :-/

  2. haha, that was funny. I have to admit, she looks adorable in that first picture. Cats though . . . it's mixed emotions for me. I have an Iraqi Sister here that's also a med student (she'll be graduating this year) and she keeps this black cat named Emir. I didn't like him at first, as I used to study over there quite a bit. After a few hours, my eyes would get itchy, as the sitting area in the kitchen had traces of his hair, etc, so if I put my hands near my eyes - boom allergic=type reaction.
    I've learned now, if I pet him, I wash my hands right afterwards. Secondly, when I'm sad after a test not going well, I drop by there as well, as this sister is much like a big sister, and once, I was just lying on the couch all teary-eyed and Emir got up from where he was on the opposite couch and came over, purred while gently moving near by face and then proceeded to curl up next to me. Awww, sweet. :-)
    To be honest though, I don't think I could keep one myself and deal with all the issues, though it is nice I'm sure to have another creature to be comforted by, who is nice and soft, etc.
    Anyways, thanks for sharing a funny story and cute pictures Sis!

  3. Awww, but she's the most sweetest, innocent thing, mashaAllah!

  4. Yaaaay another muslim feline aficionado! I may have some questions for you in the future about moving to the UAE. Did you bring your kitties with you? The husband and I are considering it, and one of the first things i did was look up how I could bring the Squeakster along. You know you're a crazy cat lady when...

  5. Oh, just wanted to add, I get a bit freaked out when cats get to playful and their claws catch on your shirt *shudders* At least, that's what makes me not want to get too active with them . . .

  6. Tora-chan is ADORABLE! Even when she's wet!!! LOL!
    Was that her first bath? I've bathed my cat(s) more than a hundred times!! And I found the best way to give them a bath is to lock the bathroom door.. and run after them with a bucket of water in your hand (there is nowhere to run you naughty kitty!! mwahahah!! lol!)
    Although this might sound really messy (and believe me it is) its way better than trying to keep them inside the tub, and you could injure yourself in the process! Just keep refilling your bucket, and pour the water on them :D

  7. awwww so cute mashallah! Totally love the before/after pixz.

  8. Texan in UAE-she must have been around some huge metal pipes or something! maybe even on some of the tin roofs in the neighborhood? but now she smells like her shampoo yumm yumm MashaAllah! :D

    MuslimFirst- yeah... if your allergic to cats it would be a pain to have to wash your hands all the time just to avoid a reaction. Alhamdulillah I am not allergic to them!! awww that was cute how the lil' cat curled up to you :) come on... you know if you weren't allergic you would want that more often!!!! :D

    and about the claws of cats getting caught on your shirt... I play rough with my cats sometimes and those times you don't want to see my hand and arm!! I let them scratch me up LOL I got used to the pain :D My MIL gets mad whenever she sees any scratches all over LOL

    Nadia- sweet yes, innocent she is not LOL!! when I get angry with her she actually talks back to me!! but she won't do that with my husband... she is afraid of his voice LOL

    rahma- ohhh yes I am a big time cat lover :P but unfortunately we ended up not bringing my cat over here. We had everying set--we got all of her vaccinations, the ministry approval and set up everything with the pet shipping service. then like 2 days before we were leaving the US we found out the pet shipping service could not put her on our same flight and for them to hold her till the next flight they were going to charge and extra $400. Before Tora-chan came along we did regret not paying the extra money... because we missed our cat (named Twizzle AKA Tizzy as I nicknamed her by the way!) but Alhamdulillah my parents are taking good care of her :)

    Oh my I just looked at your cat pics and your cat is ADORABLE MashaAllah!! :D

    Mariam- no, that wasn't her first bath... thats why my husband was scared to help because he knows how she fights for her life LOL but this was the first time she escaped from the tub a couple of times! I just grab her by the scruff of her neck and try to hold her still for as long as I can LOL :D

    Amira--he he thank you :)

  9. Some salt, some pepper... A meal for two!

  10. ultra[blue]-- :-o

    you get a b-(

    ...though she could easily feed 4!! ;))

  11. Alaykum Salam OMG mashAllah I LOVE her <3

  12. Mashallah! Four it is! *gets the knife*

    In all seriousness, she is a cutie! I now want a kittie! Sadly, 4 minutes around them and I start to itch, 6 and I cant breathe... My sister has 3 kitties, and one of them looks kinda like yours, but... puffier. I lubs them! But they would be the death of me. *cries*

    And no, I dont want a hairless alien looking one!

  13. Noor, thank you ;;)

    ultra[blue]-its the cats' saliva you are allergic to. hairless cats still lick themselves as much has full-furred ones, so they'd still be a problem. And besides, they are harder to care for.

    ohhh but looks like you got the allergies real bad. my husband's nephew was ok when Tora-chan was a kitten but now that she is full-grown he is like you when he comes to my room. and the crazy thing is, he keeps coming because he loves cats so much LOL poor guy.

  14. Poor cat :( Even thu Gargamel is evil, he will not never do that to his cat. I shall smurf you !! you evil!

  15. awww tora-chan is a cutie patootieeeee <3 haha

  16. I'm glad to hear that your US kitty is well cared for. My parents enjoy the Squeakster in short doses, but would never take her on full time, so she's coming with us if we ever get outta here inshaAllah.

    Squeaky is probably getting a bath this weekend (after her spring trip to the park). inshaAllah will post pics of it on monday :)

  17. Tora-chan are so gorgeous..
    you are so lovely..
    in early morning..
    bathing your cat..
    but weired ya.. why it's smell like metal.. ermm..

  18. Aww mashAllah your kitty is beautiful, I miss having a kitty around the house, but I guess with two little ones it's better for us to wait a couple years.

  19. ultra[smurf]--smurf??? is that you ultra[blue]?? what? it says profile not available... :-/

    Texan Teen-yes she is MashaAllah :)

    rahma- inshallah everything goes smooth for y'all to be able to bring her with you. :) I miss my Twizzle!! but I'll see her in the summer inshallah :D

    annfrendly-- he he he she didn't think it was a lovely bath LOL

    sturggling--thank you :) and yes, it would be better to wait a bit with two lil' ones--inshallah in the near future! :)

  20. cute pics mashallah! Lovely cat!

  21. Awwwwwwwww, what big beautiful eyes!!!! MashaAllah. She is such a pretty kitty...I love it! LOL

  22. lol the picture of your cat in the towel is priceless.My cat LOVES water and will sit in the sink while my husband and I bathe him acting like the true diva that he is =)
    Your cat btw is beautiful MashaAllah.

  23. Alice, thank you :)

    MaMa MishMish, her eyes are big MashaAllah--she used to have huge ears when she was a kitten but I guess she grew into them LOL

    Rene's Bare Essentials-- MashaAllah your cat likes baths :) Tora-chan actually loves water...but only on her own terms. I can fill a big bowl or the tub with some water and she will splash the water around with her paws and then eventually get in and sit and stuff. But she HAAAATES baths LOL --She doesn't like not being in control of herself--she's a control freak!! :P

  24. heheheh. tora chan isss sooooooo cute!!!!! mashaallah :X bdw the 2nd n 3rd picture reminds me of puss in booots in shrek. u knw showing those big eyes asking for sympathy

  25. :)) Twizzle you totally need to submit the first "after" pic to icanhascheezburger lol.

    I should get you around to clean Mork, he'll come near water, but doesn't like to get fully drenched. He needs cleaning several times a week though, the other night he came home with blue streaks through his fur, I think he rubbed on wet paint lol. Oh and his tail at the moment is black from rolling in grease marks on the concrete.

  26. hhh sorry for the late replies to the most recent replies!

    Yv__FaRsiLLa__vY, LOL @ puss in boots LOL yes, those were her eyes desperately looking for help LOL

    Stef, inshallah I will submit it LOL I wonder what caption they will come up with??? :D

    oh no!! blue streaks in his fur??? grease marks from the concrete?? oh no!! LOL