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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Do You Want to Go to Japan? Yes you do!! Osaka Version!!

as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah,

ohhhh wow I have been lazy in the blogging world lately!!  I need to get caught up!!  I tried to spend a couple days replying to the blogs I am following and then got lazy again!!  So I am finally back with a new post!!

Lets talk about one of my favorite places to travel--Japan!!!  I loooooooooooooooooooooooooove Japan!! love it love it LOVE it!! MashaAllah.  

 I mainly go to Tokyo all the time because that is where my family is, but my husband and I have travelled to Osaka as well.  I want to post some photos so I need to split up my posts into Osaka, Tokyo, and then just a photo post of foods in Japan LOL

 Osaka is Japan's 2nd largest city and is known for its cuisine.  There is a saying in Japan:
  "Dress (in kimonos) till you drop in Kyoto, eat till you drop in Osaka" (京の着倒れ、大阪の食い倒れ)  

The dialect of Japanese spoken there is different from the one spoken in Tokyo.  The dialect is named "Osaka-ben" -- I loooove Osaka-ben!!  Its hard to describe it to someone who doesn't speak Japanese though. Interestingly, a looot of famous Japanese comedians are from Osaka or the surrounding areas that speak with a similar dialect.  Its so interesting to hear  :)     

unfortunately, I didn't take all that many pictures of food while we were there...    and we sure did eat A LOT  LOL

its also hard to find enough photos without me or my husband in them LOL 

Enjoy a few photos inshallah  (God willing)

This is a photo in Namba, Osaka --Namba is considered the entertainment district of Osaka.

Here is a famous crab restaurant in the same area--I have eaten at one of their chain restaurants in Tokyo every time I visit.  The menu is full of different crab a la carte and combo menus.  I love it there MashaAllah-yummy!

Another picture in Namba

Namba Parks Mall

this photo is from a restaurant in the mall that was all-you-can-eat.  You get 1 hour to eat all you want.  The main fun of this place is you go and pick up all the raw meats/poultry/seafood and you get a bowl of a paste made from flour/water and a nother bowl of bread crumbs.  You crumb your own raw food and deep fry right in at the table!!  you can see the stainless steel deep fryer in the pic  :)    It was so good but you do leave smelling like you've been deep-frying food LOL

Some pictures in the Dotonburi area (right by Namba)

Shinsaibashi shopping districts...just a bunch of small blocks lined with places to shop and eat!! 

Here is one place that makes Japanese style souffle cheesecakes.  They had a looong line when my husband and I went so we decided to stand in line and buy one for us.  My husband like it but I thought it was just ok... I much prefer American cheesecakes  :)

the HEP Five Mall--that is a merry-go-round right on the top of the mall!!  We never rode it LOL

a Mexican fast-food chain in Japan. Not authentic Mexican.  LOL  Japan was where I ate the worst Mexican food I have ever eaten in my life LOL--but its a cute place don't  ya think??  :D 

And just a beautiful classic Nissan Skyline (or was it a Daihatsu Datsun (thank you ultra[blue]!!) car back then???) we spotted one day  :)

And can't forget Osaka Castle--this is a replica of an ancient castle in Osaka that was burned down in 1868

Allll I was worried I wouldn't find enough photos to post but I actually had to edit down... :)

next post I will post about Tokyo inshallah!! 


  1. Assalam alaikum

    Wow! a GREAT post mashallah!

    Deep frying food- COOL!

    neon lights- looks similar to broadway! how beautiful and colorful!

    Last two pics- castle and the magical forest- LOVE IT!!!!!!

    Mashallah! From this pics I can feel the unique atmosphere- I know if I was lucky to go to Japan I'd leave a part of my heart there.

    I hope I can go one day... :x

  2. And just a beautiful classic Nissan Skyline (or was it a Daihatsu car back then???)

    Neither. It was a Datsun Skyline. How dare you not know this as this car is the great grandfather of what today is the MIGHTY GODZILLA! The nissan GT-R.

    I cant wait to see the post about Tokyo. I imagine so much has changed there since 94. Sigh!

  3. As salaam alaikum

    Wonderful post and amazing photos... makes me want to go to Japan!

    By the way, i dont know if you've recieved my anonymous comments or not but this is A. (from Arkansas and living in Oman) please email me at
    mookty at yahoo dot com.

  4. You don't know how badly I want to go to Japan!! Its waaay up there on my list. Forget Europe! I want Japan! :P

    InshaAllah someday I will go and you can give me tons of pointers :))

    Awaiting your next post!

  5. I love Japan; their food, films, and culture. But never visited it. Would love to one day.

    Now I know who to ask before I plan to travel :)

  6. I wanna go there so badly. I just love the places there. Look at the house! masha'a'Allah! how nice. LOL I remember when you took that picture of the Mexican restaurant. LOOOOOOOL Japan is next on my list. Of course after I visit my father. Great pictures and info. :X

  7. Alice, yes inshallah you get to travel there one day :) it is beautiful MashaAllah :D

    ultra[blue], oops LOL I thought Daihatsu sounded wrong... :P hmmm as for Tokyo, unless you visit the smaller towns regularly.. the bigger areas of Tokyo always look the same to me LOL

    A. Woman in black, Alhamdulillah we got to talk earlier!! :D

    OmAbdullah, Europe sure has its charms... but Japan is just... amazing MashaAllah :D

    El Shahlab, if you ever plan a trip over there, I can help inshallah :D inshallah you get to go one day :D

    Texan in UAE, yup, thats the same pic I sent you that one day when I was there :D inshallah Japan is your next trip!!! :D

  8. Assalam Alaykum you know you were not Japanese in my head now I need a picture, lol. mashAllah love the pics and I have always wanted to go so bad...

  9. Noor, I am half Japanese sis :) my mother is Japanese and her family is alllllll in Japan :D

    that is just so funny how when you get to know someone online you get a mental image of who the person looks like---he he he like the red-headed curly haired etc... woman LOL

  10. Thanks for sharing! Those castles are beautiful.*sigh* Anything I know about Japan is mostly because of UB.I knew my fiance would be all over this. :-P

  11. Loooooving the pics! mashaAllah! I would love to go to Japan. It's up there on my list with Australia =D