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Friday, May 14, 2010

Pig Bristled toothbrush???

as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

   wow it seems like a loooooooong time since I last blogged!  wierd how a week and a half of absence can seem so long after blogging pretty regularly!  I am back inshallah  :)

  I went to Arabian Center with my husband's niece today and was browsing around in a store named Daiso.  This is a store that I love going to and its a chain store from Japan that sells a bunch of things.  In Japan the stores are cheaper than they are over here in UAE... but I think that goes for a lot of different stores/brands over here.  

Anyhow, while looking at the toothbrushes I saw one thing that really concerned me (I can read Japanese--not fluently but enough) --the concerning part has a red square around it:

I was thinking to myself... "That word means pig hair!"  and it says its a new hybrid toothbrush with a mix of nylon bristles and pig hair bristles!!

Then I was thinking maybe I'm confusing the Kanji characters of "pig" with "cow" and turned it over to see if there was anything written in English, and it sure was there!!

I let the woman at the check-out know and she said she would tell the manager but she didn't sound concerned at all so I showed and explained it to the manager myself.  He said he would get them taken down right away and I reminded him to contact all the other Daiso branches in UAE and he said he would. 

The biggest problem is my husband's niece and I couldn't find any other of those toothbrushes so if that wasn't the only one originally in stock at that store, then people have already bought them and are using them!


  1. Wa'alaikumusalam,
    wow thats so weird. I never really thought about the bristles on a tooth brush. Will be careful inshallah from now on. Thanks for sharing.

  2. :/ Eeek. Good thing you told them but who knows if they really care? *shrug* But hey you did what you could.

    That reminds me. Some months back, I was looking for marshmellows at my university's 24/7 (I had a marshmellow addiction for a while) and I found this American brand there. That's not strange but I'm pretty sure the gelatin was NOT beef. Usually when it's beef, they will state it. And they were selling them at the counter as well. I definitely knew it was a valid risk.

  3. then people have already bought them and are using them!

    Mafi Mushfilla! Unless those people knew and still bought them. Truthfully, Why anyone would by a tooth brush not made y Oral B or Aqua Fresh or some other company that everyone has heard of is beyond me. But you did your duty as much as you could.

    Did you buy the brush? You could take it to the municipality!

  4. Ohhh yeah, you could have taken it to the municipality like ultra said.

    It's beyond me why they would find the need to make a toothbrush with pig bristles.

  5. عبدالله أحمد ال حسين
    مدير إدارة الرقابة التجارية

    Twizzle, you should contact this person. I don't think the manager will do anything. Because he won't see it as proplematic as we see it.
    I was at a bookstore once that also sell gift items. And I came across a mug with an obscene sexual message written on it. I took the mug and went to the manager, and took a photo of the mug with my mobile in from of him. Then told him if I don't see these mugs taken of the shelves by tomorrow I will take the photos to the media and concerned government bodies in the Abu Dhabi. He promised he'll take them off.
    And I went again the next day to check. They dispappeared from the shelves.

  6. salaam 3lykom,
    I didn't know before become Moslem. Japanese-product includes *pig* as the builder ;(
    year, things I never expected.....

  7. Salam aleikum...Twizzleeeee...where are you...I miss you! I love! Come back and BLOGGGG come baccccckkkkkk...Love you and OMG gross about teh PIG BRISTLES! BARF!

  8. omg! thanks for sharing, we really need to be more careful when buying things!

  9. Fitst time on your blog... and I've enjoyed browsing through it!! I'm so glad I'm in the States and we do get "Brand Name" toothbrushes!!! :D

  10. ohhh I know this reply comes way waaaay late to most of the bloggers who commented...

    yes, at first I did not buy the toothbrush but then a couple of weeks later I went to the Daiso and there was one still there so I did buy it and gave it to my husband.

    He took it to the municipality but I never did find out if they did anything... we just got busy and I forgot all about it.

    UmmUmarNY- welcome to my blog (though its been a long time since I've posted anything...) we do have normal brand-name toothbrushes over here... this one with the pig bristles was sold at a Japanese chain store out here.. not in the regular grocery stores and pharmacies :)