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Saturday, January 1, 2011

busy, lazy, crazy, dazy, all rolled into one!

as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

  Hello to all of the blogger world  :)   How are all of you?  I hope that everything is going well with y'all inshallah  :)

  I know I have been MIA for a loooong time now and I have quite a bit of comments that I need to approve (some from months ago--I am sorry!)..I will get them all approved once I read them over inshallah and also when I have a chance to reply to them... I don't want to just approve it all and forget about them.

  Life takes a lot of turns sometimes and at first I started getting lazy about blogging and then I got pretty burned out over a bad situation (nothing that happened to me though) and then got busy with family, traveling, etc...  that kept me away from the blog world.

   Inshallah I will be back to blogging in a bit of time  :)



    I was wondering what happened!
    Welcome baccckk!
    Hope all is well inshallah

  2. salaam aleikum,

    Amira--Alhamdulillah things are good :)

  3. As salaamu alaikum Sis Twizzle!!!!! I've been thinking about you from time to time. You've been so good to me ma'sha'allah in the brief time that I've followed your blog. I've closed my blog, as academic life is too demanding and I was going to end it soon anyways. Good to know that you are well. Insha'allah, I have 6 months or so til I'm done with medical school, so hope to be moving on to bigger and better things soon! :-)

    In case I don't get a chance later, Jazak'Allahu Khairan for everything and I send you and your loved ones my warmth and love.

    Ma'salaam / Wa alaikum as salaam

    Br. MF

  4. Asalaamu 3alaikum Twizzle,

    Alhamdulillah you are back ;;)

  5. Wa Alaykum salam,

    Yay! I missed your post and your Hungry Muslimah post as well. <3


  6. as-salaam aleikum,

    Brother Muslim First!! wow its been so long!! Inshallah these last 6 months go smooth for you :) must be amazing to feel you are toward the end instead of when you first started your studies and thinking about how long you are going to be in school for. :)

    Of course, you still have more experience to gain as you move forward :D

    Hopefully I come back to blogging and you can keep in touch through the blog every once in a while :)

    Jazakallah khair for your warm friendship and always encouraging us all to be better Muslims!

    Twizzle :)


    aalia-it has been a long time with you too! Inshallah you are doing well back in UAE and am smoothly transitioning back into your new life here. Inshallah your lil' one is doing well (I first had typed his name here... Alhamdulillah I caught that one!)


    anonymous/Zelia--Thank you so much!! oh man.. that Hungry Muslimah blog... I need to update it!! So much has happened in that side of my life!! :D